Satisfy Your Hunger With The Best Ingredients


All Desserts $7

    • Dolci

    • Cookie Plate

      Assorted biscotti / milk chocolate hazelnut cookies / brownies

    • Tiramisu

      Shaved dark chocolate, strawberries, chocolate sauce

    • Apple Pie

      Served with apple caramel crumb ice cream

    • Crème Brulee

      Fresh fruit and madeleines

    • Chocolate Lava Cake

      White chocolate truffle gelato, strawberry syrup

    • Dolci2

    • Nutella Filled Crepes

      Banana Gelato, hazelnut, dolce de leche

    • Lemon Vanilla Panna Cotta

      Mango sorbet, fresh fruits

    • Banana Bread Pudding

      Caramel sauce, banana gelato

    • Gelati, Ice Cream & Sorbets

      Gelati: vanilla, chocolate, banana, pistachio, white chocolate-truffle, coconut, pumpkin pie
      Sorbet: mango, coconut, black currant fresh fruit

Dessert Wines

    • Dessert Wines

    • Covey Run, Ice Wine Semillon 375ml


      Aromas and flavors of Pineapple, citrus and vanilla balanced by crisp acidity

    • Moscato d'asti, Nivole "Michele Chiarlo" 375ml


      Aromas of tropical fruit and honeysuckle blossoms, lightly sparkling wine, palate of ripe melon and mango flavors

    • Dessert Wines2

    • Brachetto d'aqui "Rosa Regale" 375ml


      Sweet and appealing, Brachetto may be enjoyed as a delicious aperitif, between-meal or after-dinner

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